ZTE showcases 5G tech in Indonesia

ZTE has showcased its latest 5G innovations in Indonesia through the ‘Leading 5G Tour 2018’. The Chinese vendor brought in its latest technology which will support pre-5G and 5G solutions to Indonesia. ZTE has not disclosed that which local network operators are currently working with them.

“Due to its huge population, Indonesia has become a Tier 1 market for us. We plan to test out the technology here with the government’s support in terms of preparing the spectrum,” said ZTE Indonesia marketing director Benjamin Bai.

Bai said that ZTE Corporation invested approximately 12% of its revenue per year in developing R&D team since 2016.

“We’re excited to bring these world-first innovations to Indonesia, because our commitment is to deliver the best of 5G technology, and to help our telco partners build a more stable, reliable network that provides more value to their customers. With our leading 5G innovations, we hope that we can continue to be the partner of choice for telecom operators in the country to bring their network to the next level.”

In terms of market readiness and challenges, Bai explains, “We have three pillars in our technology which are radio, transportation, and cloud.

“Indonesia is both ready in terms of transportation and cloud as more players are coming in, and network providers had been planning to dive into 5G. But, for radio, it is not ready yet.”

“Each operator has a different ability to transport and build equal networks across the country. But I believe because of this unique geographic condition, we will able to get operators to penetrate 5G by 2020,” he added.

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