Worldwide Mobile Network Operators Directory

Over the past 11 years, we have experienced several significant improvements that make Worldwide MNO Directory today a highly dependable resource. Or as users put it: a ‘must-have’ for all those looking to cater to the variety of operator needs vis-à-vis opportunities emerging ahead, through out the world.

However the first-timers will have plenty of good reasons to subscribe to it, the existing customers too will find this edition more intriguing & powerful than ever.” -A. Bard, Director of Research.

The 15th edition of Worldwide MNO Directory 2018-2019 (a.k.a. WMNOD 2018) presents many substantial changes. Apart from 4Q 2017 update, we are also introducing 2 new attributes to the directory: 1. Market Share 2. Subscriber Trend.

Available in XLS & PDF, Worldwide MNO Directory comes with 1-year support including quarterly updates; on request information, & support.

Following are the key attributes of the Worldwide MNO Directory 2018 (WMNOD); 

#.    630+ Mobile Operators
#.     2500+ Management Contacts
#.    200 Countries

The latest ‘Worldwide MNO Directory 2018-2019 (4Q 2017)’ edition will provide following information;

#.    Name of the Operator [Country Wise] #.    Group Information
#.    Commercial Business Information
[network portfolio, subscriber growth, growth trend, penetration, & market share]
#.    Postal Address, Phone & Fax Nos.
#.    Online Presence (/URL)
#.    Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts – Names
#.    Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts – Roles
#.    Key Decision Makers/ Management Contacts – Email Addresses*

*Many with direct email addresses; in special cases generics will be available.

For any inquiries, please write to editor (at) researchica (dot) org.

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