Vodafone launches first wearable consumer IoT products

Vodafone has launched its first wearable consumer IoT products, V-SOS Band and V-Kids Watch. These are the first wearable products for its “V by Vodafone” range of consumer IoT systems and products.

“V-SOS Band by Vodafone” is an emergency alert wrist band. The V-SOS Band by Vodafone is aimed at people with mobility issues, to help them continue living independently and get assistance in an emergency situation.

The in-built “V-Sim by Vodafone” will send a message to up to four designated contacts, such as family members. There is an SOS alert button which, when pressed for three seconds, will alert designated contacts. The wearer will see the band’s lens colour change from amber to red to green once one of the designated contacts is on their way to help. The wearer can re-press the button to cancel the emergency at any time.

The V-Kids Watch by Vodafone is a smartwatch for children and their parents. The device provides location monitoring and can send an alert when children leave a designated “safe zone” such as the home or school. The SOS alert is also on this phone. If the child holds down a button on the watch for 5 seconds, an SOS alert will be sent over the mobile network to their designated contacts. Kids will be able to message up to five designated people using voice messages and emojis. The phone can also issue reminders, as to when the child needs to return home, for example.

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