United Kingdom to invest US$35 Million Into 5G Testing

The UK government has planned to invest US$35 million for 5G tests and trials. The 5G tests will be conducted through six projects to test 5G across a range of applications, including smart tourism, smart farming with drones, using IoT to improve healthcare in the home, increasing manufacturing productivity and maximising the future benefits of self-driving cars.

Each testbed will receive between about US$3 million to US$7 million in government funding to explore technologies that use high frequency spectrum to deliver internet speeds of over a gigabit per second.

One of these projects is a 5G testbed in Liverpool. As part of the Liverpool 5G testbed, around 50 inpatients in a local hospital and 150 users of adult social services will have access to 5G applications. These applications include video monitoring, augmented by artificial intelligence-based analytics which can spot behavioral anomalies or emergency incidents like falls in the home.

Teleconferencing to help patients connect with their practitioners will also be enabled, for cost-effective remote healthcare and to combat loneliness in older adults  a serious problem in an ageing population. Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) systems, as well as IoT sensors to monitor in-home conditions, will also be explored in the testbed, to explore their use in preventative care.

The other is the AutoAir 5G testbed. The AutoAir CAV testbed will focus on developing a range of 5G technologies to serve the unique requirements of new rail and road transport in the country.

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