Telit launches deviceWISE for IBM IoT

Telit has made its deviceWISE IoT platform fully interoperable with the IBM Watson IoT platform. Telit and IBM intend to use these products to promote global industrial IoT deployments.

deviceWISE is an IoT solution developed by Telit to reduce deployment time and effort for industrial IoT applications. It does this by providing a portal, asset gateway, and enterprise gateway that are easily configured to user specifications. Further, rather than offering APIs to assist programmers in integrating IoT applications, deviceWISE includes pre-coded enterprise-grade device drivers and industrial protocols, which can be easily installed for instant data-mapping from the platform to industrial applications.

Using the deviceWISE IoT solution in combination with the IBM Watson IoT platform is intended to enable immediate on-boarding of IoT devices for manufacturers and industrial businesses. The combination of deviceWISE and Watson will also allow organisations to apply advanced analytics, application development, and artificial intelligence (AI) to IoT systems without the need for complex integration development.

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