Telia demonstrates augmented reality over a live 5G network

Telia together with Intel and Ericsson have demonstrated augmented reality application over a live 5G network during an event in Stockholm.

The Stockholm event is the latest in a series of activities between Ericsson and Telia as part of their joint, global 5G roadmap. The goal is to start bringing 5G services to Tallinn and Stockholm, two of the most digitalised cities in the world, this year.

During an event organised by Telia in Stockholm, Sweden, the partners displayed how 5G-capabilities such as low latency and high data rates, combined with augmented reality (AR), can enable new and innovative real-time 5G use cases.

The live demonstration was done using Telia’s network and Ericsson’s 5G trial system and base technology along with Intel’s 5G mobile trial platform. This allowed the audience to experience augmented information about objects on the show floor, such as furniture, while also being able to inspect piping infrastructure that was ‘hidden’ behind the walls.

Per Narvinger, Head of Ericsson Northern and Central Europe, said, “5G use cases are moving from the realms of the imagination to the realms of reality. Service providers, enterprises, and society all stand to gain from 5G use cases, and we are seeing a lot of engagement on this.

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