Telefonica trials 5G for autonomous driving

Telefónica together with Ericsson have demonstrated autonomous driving using 5G. The trial utilised 5G over the 3.5 GHz band to simultaneously control autonomous driving and content consumption.

The trial was conducted with a EZ10 autonomous driving electric minibus supplied by EasyMile, containing an Ericsson 5G terminal and an infotainment platform from CarMedia.

Using the high data transfer capacity and ultra-low latency of 5G network the operator tested the simultaneous streaming of high-definition content; the creation of a work environment in the vehicle with virtual office applications and remote driving support based on the real time analysis and processing of the telemetry data sent by the autonomous vehicle.

“5G technology has much to contribute in the field of the connected vehicle,” said Javier Gutiérrez, Director of Strategy and Network Development at Telefónica Spain.

“In addition to the download of multimedia content, autonomous vehicles generate up to 4TB of daily information from the information collected by the sensors, meaning that a high bandwidth is necessary for transferring this data in real time to the network’s edge and also an extremely low latency. All in order to jointly process the data received by the vehicles of a certain area and to proceed with decision making, thus increasing the security in vehicular environments,” he added.

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