T-Mobile Polska is working on the implementation of the 5G network

T-Mobile Polska is working on the implementation of the 5G network and wants to evolve from the role of a traditional operator towards the supplier of complete products for families as well as cities, said Frederic Perron, Chief Commercial Officer at T-Mobile Polska.

“The public has become accustomed to mobility and, to a greater degree, perceives unhampered and instant access to all kinds of content as its basic need.” This will generate an unrelenting data demand, and each of us will be surrounded by a network of intelligent devices that communicate with each other, transferring huge collections. The 5G network we are already working on will be the answer to these needs,” said Frederic during the Huawei congress: Talks on the Future.

“Technology is to make life easier for us, which is why it requires comprehensive solutions. Users should enjoy the benefits of technology and not learn how to choose, operate and communicate with each other and cooperate with them, which is why we will provide complete products – just for the family, as well as cities,” added Frederic.

He pointed out that the consequence of these trends is the demand for consuming content and interactions on mobile devices.

“Only for the first three months of our offer we have acquired 50,000 Supernet Video customers, which allows you to watch many video services without using a data packet, and soon we will have to evaluate the phone as a connection system, for example with our home, body, car. In this respect, the combination of AI, IoT and mobile devices will become critical, and companies – like T-Mobile – ensuring data transfer will again prove crucial. We need fast networks and reliable data. 5G makes it all possible. That is why we talk about great profits from this generation,” Frederic added.

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