Spark conducts first live trial of 5G technology

Spark has conducted New Zealand’s first live trial of 5G mobile technology.

Spark Managing Director Simon Moutter, and Communications Minister Clare Curran were present during the trial.

Curran got a download speed of 9.3 Gbps when she pressed the button on speed-test equipment on a van parked a few hundred feet away from two 5G antennas that Spark has erected on the Stout St Exchange Building.

Moutter said that 5G, the next big step up from 4G mobile technology, would transform the way people lived and worked. It will deliver significantly faster speeds and more capacity than previous generations of mobile technology and will support massive connectivity of multiple devices.

By 2020 it was estimated there would be at least four internet-connected devices for everyone on the planet, Moutter said.

The higher speeds and lower lag of 5G would be important for innovations such as driverless electric cars, he said.

Moutter claimed that Spark was well advanced in its planning for 5G and people could expect 5G services from Spark in about 2020, or perhaps earlier if the Government allocated the necessary radio spectrum before then.

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