Oyo announces acquisition of IoT firm AblePlus

Oyo on Tuesday announced the acquisition of Mumbai-based IoT firm AblePlus.

Oyo is an Indian hospitality service and budget hotel network. With this partnership, Oyo intends to create a sustainable ecosystem powered by IoT and AI for managing hotels and assets.

“We are delighted to announce our acquisition of AblePlus towards pioneering the application of IoT in Indian and global hospitality segment and creating a global impact. With the introduction of IoT into the basic precincts of hotel management, we aim to enhance customer and partner experiences by roping in the best of technology capabilities that are changing how India sees hospitality today,” said Anil Goel, Chief Technology Officer, Oyo.

With the implementation of IoT-enabled operations, customers will be able to experience highlights such as self-check-ins supported by the digital arrival and departure register, self-KYC with Aadhaar and IoT server-managed smart locks.

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