Our Experts

Below are just few of the 1500+ league of expert statisticians, analysts, & technology experts behind Researchica’s recommendations, insights and timely predictions. Based in Washington DC, London, and Geneva, Researchica’s Experts offer deep expertise in several areas, including 5G, 4G, IoT, Robotics, AI, Big Data, & Quantum Computing.

Head of Consulting

David is an experienced adviser and project manager. He has a wide range of experience of mobile regulation, business planning, spectrum, and transaction projects. Significant deal experience with success in acquisitions, strategic partnerships and development of innovative opportunities, David loves to surf and skate. He resides in California.

David Brown

Director of Research

Mr. Bard has successfully assisted Researchica and its clientele of more than 500 Operators; Delivered 29 mid to large sized custom projects for more than 200 Mobile Operators, Infrastructure providers, Handset manufactures, and like, for past 6 years. Deft at handling Mobile VAS, Video, IoT, AI, Robotics, & Big data. Mr. Bard loves spending time with his 3 years old Son. He lives in Washington DC.


Consumer Adoption & Servicing Expert

Consumer Servicing and Adoption professional with extensive experience in both the Wireline & Wireless Services; Janet is focussed upon developing new revenue streams and audience growth for near 200 independent mobile and digital businesses. Janet also manages more than 1500+ journalist network of Researchica, and participates actively across 80 independent/ public/ private forums like ITU, GSMA, MENA Wireless, AsiaCOM, & more.

Janet Miller

Innovation & Execution

Gemma has 8 years of experience in Innovation & Nextgen Technologies. Gemma has an MBA in Technology & Consumer Sciences from Pennsylvania University. Having spent considerable time with Hoovers, Sales Force, & 3UK in her early years, Gemma has been assisting TeleResearchlabs for the past 4 years. Now at Researchica, She is assisting Research & Innovation wing, providing consulting and execution assistance to key mobile operators across Europe & North America.

Gemma Blessed

Senior Research Analyst & Statistician.

Ravi is an MBA & Computer Science Graduate from IIT, Delhi. With experience of total 47 projects, Ravi has helped more than 80 Mobile Operators across the globe with his innate talent. A shy geek who speaks in numbers, Ravi is among the most loved and respected people in the world of analysis & statistics.

Ravi Kumar

New Business Development & Revenues

Maria has total 9 years of experience. Having worked as an investment banker in her earlier career at NYSE for 2 years, then later for Goldman Sachs; Maria has also successfully ventured into multiple AI & Robotics startups. A visiting faculty at NYU, Maria has appeared in over 2 dozens reputed International digital magazines across the globe.

Maria Smith