Mexico to allocate 600MHz band for 5G

Mexico can be the first country to allocate 600MHz band for 5G network. The Federal Telecommunications Institute of Mexico (IFT) has approved a plan to free up 600MHz band spectrum for 5G.

48 digital terrestrial television (DTT) channels are currently using frequencies between 614MHz and 698MHz. These spaces will be freed up under the plan for 5G.

The relocated channels will continue to operate below channel 37 which is in 608-614MHz range, a move that the IFT says is consistent with the Work Program to Reorganise the Radioelectric Spectrum for Radio and Television Stations, contained within Mexico’s National Radioelectric Spectrum Program that came into force in November 2017.

The IFT said that this plan has been adopted by other countries such as the US, Canada and New Zealand, and is supported by Colombia and the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity.

In addition to freeing up space for 5G, the IFT says that by migrating DTT channels to lower frequencies it also reduces costs for operators and minimises the deployment times for the channel change.

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