LG Uplus provides technical details for 5G devices

LG Uplus has sent out technical details needed for development of 5G mobile devices to the South Korean major handset manufacturers Samsung and LG Electronics.

LG Uplus also mentioned that it was the first among the three local mobile operators to send the 5G technology specifications and standards that will help produce optimal devices for the 5G network. Availability of 5G devices is important for early commercialisation of the next generation network.

The technical content included desirable structures for smartphones and antenna capacities for data transmission, operator said.

“We are in practical talks with device manufacturers to launch 5G smartphones next year together with the commercialisation of the network,” said Choi Joo-sik, vice president and head of 5G business at LG Uplus.

LG Uplus had participated in 35 cases of standard proposals for 5G and its technologies were approved in 23 cases by the 3GPP for non-standalone 5G standards last December.

The non-standalone standards allow mobile carriers to operate the initial version of 5G network together with the existing 4G Long Term Evolution network for a seamless transition.

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