IoT Service Bundling, Pricing, & Billing Strategies 2018 to 2025

IoT Service Bundling, Pricing, & Billing Strategies 2018 to 2025

Publish Date: 2Q 2018 | Code: 4467 | File Format: PDF & Interactive Excel

This IoT Research provides critical analysis of the current IoT service bundling, pricing, & billing mechanisms prevalent across the globe. This highly critical aspect of IoT service has been analysed across consumer, business/ industrial and civil markets. Researchica suggests that service providers can intelligently charge for IoT solutions to create a win-win situation. Researchers have gone deep into decoding possibilities, gathering right advice and proposed charging models that can help service providers win more customers.

IoT Service Bundling, Pricing, & Billing Strategies 2018-2025


In a world too IoT driven today, bundling & pricing of IoT solutions could be as substantial as the solution (in) itself. A well planned, bundled product not only helps streamline costs or resources dedicated to it, but also augurs well with what an end user expects or receives in return.

This latest Research by Researchica; IoT Service Bundling, Pricing, & Billing Strategies 2018 to 2025, has been designed to help solution providers use bundling as an opportunity to introduce and differentiate their solutions from the rest. Integration of cloud, better interface, maintenance of devices/ networks, innovative rental or leasing based subscription models, data computing, adhoc services, and more all constitute ingredients of how to go about bundling an IoT Service or Solution; whether limited or E2E.

The report gathers best of the IoT bundling and pricing strategies currently prevalent across the globe, as well provides recommendations for players looking to substantiate their IoT portfolios or offerings. Since high initial cost of IoT is one reason adoption hasn’t happened at the expected pace, right bundling and pricing could well be used to thwart that impact and galvanise adoption.


Glimpse of Findings

  • Innovative billing and charging will alone contribute 18% in early adoption across verticals.
  • Billing methods which will be easy to comprehend are preferred by 38% end users. 
  • Revenue sharing models represent upto US$200 billion worth fresh opportunity. Research finds out how Telcos can work on revenue sharing model to move up beyond connectivity solution providers without compromising with their current revenues.
  • IoT Services will remain the second largest category by revenues after IoT hardware for the next 10 years. Telcos must strive to create strong hold in IoT services if they really want to capitalise on their connectivity solution which will remain the smallest category by revenue in the future as well.

Unique Attributes of this Research

  • Get access to the state of the art IoT bundling, pricing, & billing strategies prevalent across the globe
  • Researchica concocted pricing models/ propositions for IoT solution providers
  • Tapping IoT bundling & billing innovation for demand and unorthodox revenues

Questions Answered by the Report

  • What are the current top IoT bundling, pricing, & billing  strategies and what are their drawbacks?
  • How creative IoT billing & pricing strategies should be used to expand reach across small to mid sized enterprises?
  • What are the most sought after IoT solutions/ feature-sets compatible across more than 15 industries? How to bundle & price, and bill them?  

Companies Mentioned in the Report

Aeris, Bluegiga, Broadcom, Digi International, Etisalat, Gemalto, Huawei, IBM, Rolls-Royce, Samsung Electronics.

Target Audience: 

IoT Players, Chip Manufacturers, Sensor Manufacturers, Battery Manufacturers, Semiconductor Companies, IoT Platform Providers, IoT Device Manufacturers, Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), Original Design Manufacturers (ODMs) and OEM Technology Solution Providers, Research Organisations, Technology Standard Organisations, Forums, Alliances and Associations, Technology Investors, Governments, Financial Institutions, and Investment Communities, Analysts and Strategic Business Planners.

Table of Contents

ToCIoT Service Bundling, Pricing, & Billing Strategies 2018 to 2025
1.1Objectives of the Study
1.2Scope of the Study
1.2.3IoT Charging and Payment Mechanisms
1.3Research Methodology
2Executive Summary
3IoT Deployment Models
3.1Major building blocks for a successful IoT deployment
3.2What are the best practices for a scalable IoT deployment?
3.3Cost is a big deterrant to IoT adoption across industries
4Pricing Strategies for IoT deployment
4.1Major Factors affecting cost of IoT deployment
4.1.1Initial Cost
4.1.2Lease Period
4.1.4Age of Resources
4.1.5Cost of Maintenance
4.2Critical analysis of current IoT deployment charging models
4.3Proposed Pricing Models for IoT Service Providers
4.3.1Simple Purchase
4.3.2Pay-as-you-go Model
4.3.3Subscription (Time-bound) Model
4.3.4Pay-for-resources Model
4.3.5QoS-based Model
4.3.6Hybrid Model
5Unorthodox charging models can boost the uptake of IoT across verticals

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