Installed Ericsson Radio System to support 5G NR capability via software update

Ericsson has announced that its installed base of radio system products from the Ericsson Radio System portfolio will be able to run 5G New Radio (NR). This capability will be achieved through a remote software installation.

Ericsson said in après release that all radio products within Ericsson Radio System delivered since 2015 will support 5G NR capability through remote software installation. The remote software installation will enable fast and smooth migration to 5G in existing bands, as well as fast coverage expansion of 5G services for operators.

This software upgrade will be applicable to more than 150 different radio variants in Ericsson Radio System that are active in more than 190 networks around the world, meaning that Ericsson Radio System legacy radios from 2015 can support 5G NR. This 5G NR readiness also applies to Ericsson’s delivered micro radios in Ericsson Radio System and existing Radio Dot System products. In short, all Ericsson Radio System products are ready for 5G NR.

Fredrik Jejdling, Executive Vice President and Head of Business Area Networks, Ericsson, said, “We have a long history of strong backwards compatibility and our products and software are built for evolution – with Ericsson, there is no need to rip and replace. Investments in Ericsson Radio System since 2015 will continue to bring operators value when the time is right to transition to 5G.”

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