India needs core network and communications ecosystem for 5G & IoT

India’s ambition to lead the 5G and IoT space will depend upon its ability to build core network and communications ecosystem that will facilitate 5G and IoT, DoT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said while addressing a summit on IoT organised by CII.

Mentioning the next-generation technologies like IoT critical, Sundararajan said the government’s endeavour is to provide an enabling policy for growth of the industry and not to impose a heavy regulatory framework.

“I agree India has more at stake in IoT and 5G than any other country because we need to leapfrog to meet the aspirations of the young demography and democracy,” Sundararajan said.

Technologies like IoT are set to change the way machines and humans communicate, she said adding it will usher new capabilities and genre of services both globally and domestically.

She also pointed out that every sector including healthcare, agriculture, consumer retail, smart energy and transport will have to rethink their business models with the advent of these new technologies.

Outlining India’s ambitions to position itself as not just as a consumer but a leader in 5G and IoT, Sundararajan said telecom service providers have already started rolling out pilots for 5G. Communication networks, she said, are going to be the first pillar of India’s 5G play.

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