Huawei calls for cooperation among industry players for connected world

Huawei has emphasised on the importance of cooperation among all industries and to go beyond traditional boundaries to achieve fully-connected, intelligent world.

Huawei made the statements while speaking on the sidelines of a media and analysis briefing held ahead of the Mobile World Congress 2018, which will take place from February 26 to March 1, in Barcelona, Spain.

During the MWC event, Huawei has planned to launch over 20 new products, showcase the results of its cooperation with over 300 partners, host five forums, and engage in many other activities to share its practices and exchange views with the industry.

Huawei believes that the 4th Industrial Revolution – where ICT networks are the foundation and AI is the enabler – is bringing us to an intelligent world where all things will sense, be connected, and intelligent resulting in a digital transformation market worth $23 trillion.

Ryan Ding, executive director of the board and president of Huawei Carrier BG, said, “This year is going to be an exciting one for our company at the event.”

“We will focus on ICT infrastructure and smart devices to provide a plot of ‘rich soil’ for the development of information, automation, and intelligence technologies. In this ‘soil’, partners can grow their content, applications, and cloud,” he added.

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