Ericsson deploys deepest LTE network in Canadian mine

Ericsson has deployed Canada’s deepest underground LTE network for the Agnico Eagle mining site, LaRonde in Abitibi, Quebec.

The deployment site is located three kilometers below the surface. The private LTE network will provide data and voice mobility services across the site and enable several IoT use cases to improve safety and mining operations.

The network in LaRonde is utilising band 5 at 850MHz. Ambra which has deployed the network is the only Canadian operator deploying private LTE networks in underground mines.

The solution is based on the latest Ericsson Radio System portfolio of basebands and radio units, software upgradable to provide Massive IoT capabilities for sensor-based applications and support 5G New Radio (NR) capability.

Eric L’Heureux, CEO, Ambra Solutions, said, “The LTE technology is the most cost effective and reliable solution to provide real-time coverage to several kilometers of underground tunnels. A single LTE radio can cover up to 6km of tunnel, whereas it would take over 60 active Wi-Fi access points to cover the same area.”

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