Elisa to deploy 5G-ready network by end of May in Turku

Elisa has announced to complete the deployment of its 5G-ready network in the city of Turku by the end of May. Turku is Finland’s oldest city, settled during the 13th century, and is expected to be one of Europe’s first cities with next-generation 5G wireless capabilities.

Elisa describes the new network as laying the foundation for Turku to become a “smart city,” including new wireless health, traffic, and utility infrastructures.

Elisa is building its pre-5G network by replacing existing 4G network hardware with brand new 5G-ready technology that can be upgraded after 5G standards have been finished. However, Elisa has not specified the 5G devices that will be offered for its network.

The operator said that the new hardware “will immediately benefit people living in the area” by improving 4G speeds, while making it “easy to add features required in 5G services to the network, for instance, considerably faster data transfer speeds, short delay, and functionalities needed in the Internet of Things.”

Last week, Elisa and Huawei successfully conducted live tests of 5G in a Helsinki suburb using 3.5GHz frequency band. Beyond hitting a 1.4Gbps peak speed during the tests, Elisa also demonstrated VR tests over 5G and 5G gaming, including real-time game demos.

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