Our Stars : Credits & Attributions

We say Thank You to all who have helped us. Countless individuals, companies, private or public partnerships. From days of TeleResearch Labs to the coming of Researchica, following entities, individuals, corporations, academia, groups, institutions, and so many other Resources below each represent a shoulder we couldn't have done without. We appreciate and pledge acknowledgment and appreciation to your invaluable contributions forever.

ForToContributionProject/ RefAttributes
ImagePixabayMan Shaking handsAbout Us PageA user friendly genuinely required platform for free commercial images.
AcademiaWharton School of ManagementSessions, Teachings, & Limitless KnowledgeAI Golden AgeStefan Motaro
MentorshipTim FerrisFor great lessons, books, and inspirationTools of TitanAlberta Soros, Martha White
Quotegreat-quotes.comQuote "References" PageDiana Atkins