China Mobile and Huawei Jointly set up an E2E 5G Open Lab

China Mobile alongwith Huawei have set up an end-to-end (E2E) Open Lab in Beijing based on the latest 5G standards.

Both the companies also collaborated to demonstrate 4K ultra-high-definition (UHD) live VR application during China Mobile 5G Innovation Center’s Partner Conference. The lab will provide E2E 5G capabilities for partners across all sectors and continuously promote cross-industry converged innovation.

Huawei said in a press statement that the Open Lab of China Mobile 5G Innovation Center aims to serve four functions. First it will provide the fundamental lab environment for mobile communications. Second, it will promote the development of 5G cross-industry converged innovation to benefit all sectors. Third, it will offer readiness testing and certification services to incubation outputs. Fourth, it will also serve as a platform for promoting and demonstrating the latest achievements in converged innovation.

This Open Lab of 5G Innovation Center in Beijing is the first E2E open lab in China based on the latest 5G standards. China Mobile has invited cross-industry partners to join the lab for collaborative innovation. The E2E 5G system consists of the 5G radio access network (RAN), 5G bearer network, core network (EPC+), and CPE (the world’s first 3GPP-based commercial terminal).

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