Broadcom launches the Industry’s First 5G Radio Switch

Broadcom has launched the industry’s first 5G Radio Switch built specifically for cellular fronthaul networks. The vendor announced that the Broadcom Monterey Ethernet switch (BCM56670) is immediately available for deployment.

Broadcom has claimed that the high capacity device meets the stringent performance demands of new Ethernet-based 5G radios and supports existing CPRI-based radios, thus consolidating all radio traffic onto a standard, Ethernet-based infrastructure.

The 5G network architecture will require an increase in capacity of the mobile network by a factor of ten or more and a simultaneous tightening of key synchronisation requirements by a factor of two or more. Ethernet technology is very high capacity, but in the past it has not met the strict synchronisation and jitter requirements of cellular networks.

The IEEE’s new 802.1CM (Time-Sensitive Networking for Fronthaul) standard provides a synchronisation solution that solves this problem and the cellular network can now be upgraded to an end-to-end Ethernet-based architecture that meets the cost, capacity, and performance requirements of 5G.

“We are very pleased to announce another ground-breaking solution that addresses fundamental problems and opens a new, major market for our switching products,” said Ram Velaga, vice present and general manager, Switch Products at Broadcom.

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