AT&T extends ‘5G Evolution’ to more than 100 new markets

AT&T has extended its 5G evolution networks to more than 100 cities. Last week, the leading US operator announced that it was rolling out its “5G Evolution” service to parts of 117 new markets, bringing the total to 141.

The recently included cities include larger metropolitan areas like Dallas, Miami, Los Angeles, and smaller cities like Knoxville, Tennessee, and Anchorage, Alaska. AT&T has planned to expand the 5G program to 500 cities by the end of the year.

5G Evolution networks are not real 5G networks; however, the upgrade lays the groundwork for AT&T’s efforts to offer true 5G service in the future. AT&T claimed that its 5G evolution network can offer theoretical peak speeds for capable devices of up to 400 Mbps. Currently, only select phones such as the Samsung S8 and S9 have the technology to make use of this new network.

AT&T has said that it plans to launch true 5G service in a dozen markets by the end of this year. More markets are expected to come within the following years.

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