Airtel Tigo urges for 5G policy in Ghana

Airtel Tigo CEO, Roshi Motman has called on the National Communications Authority (NCA) to open up the discussion on the acquisition of a 5G spectrum by telcos in the country.

Motman said that the NCA has not been clear on its policy direction towards improved internet coverage in the country. AirtelTigo is however working towards the acquisition of a 5G spectrum to ensure quality service to its customers.

“Acquiring a 4G is a natural progression but actually as a company, we are looking towards acquiring a 5G spectrum because in reality it’s time for 5G in the world and not really 4G. So it’s a bit sad that in Ghana the situation is the way it is. I also believe that it is not necessary to as a company move from 2G to 3G and then to the next when there is a more developed one out there, you can go straight onto 5G,” Motman said.

The move of the Airtel Tigo to acquire a 5G spectrum comes despite pleas by the telcos to reduce the cost of acquiring a 4G spectrum.

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