Welcome to our guide to research and market reports, quantitative analysis and forecasts for the wireless and telecommunications industries.
ResearchICA( /TeleResearch Labs Inc.) is a US-based research company, focused on providing high quality, data-centric reports and database products. We are a telecoms analyst firm specialising in the mobile and wireless sector. We provide market expertise and advice to organisations operating across the telecoms and related sectors.

ResearchICA( /TeleResearch Labs Inc.) also produces directories, handbooks and databases, and we are also always looking to help clients with bespoke research requests. Please do contact us if you wish to discuss any possible projects. In working with us, you enjoy the longevity of a large organisation with the personalised service and industry-specific knowledge of a research specialist.
Our comparative market research reports provide in-depth analysis of major telecommunications industry issues. Both well established and newly created companies rely on us to gain a competitive advantage. Our clients include telecom carriers, transmission and switching equipment vendors, platform providers, software developers, and financial institutions.
Who We Help
ResearchICA( /TeleResearch Labs Inc.)  has carved for itself an exclusive niche as a research house of repute among all players associated with the global telecoms industry such as:
• Mobile Network Operators
• Device makers
• Network & equipment suppliers
• App developers
• Other third party vendors involved in the mobile telephony services’ execution and delivery chain.
We provide in-depth and detailed analytical research reports rich in forecasts, strategy development, with numerous case studies to our clientele listed above.
How We Help
Our research analysts have been hand-picked and possess humongous experience exclusively in the fields of wireless/ wireline telephony, high-speed NGN technologies and related services. Most of them have worked at senior level positions at numerous telcos in the domains of network design & implementation/ product portfolio development/ finance etc. and possess telecom engineering degrees from the globe’s premier engineering institutes.
We have a two-pronged approach towards research, with one team of analysts onsite, and the other back at our headquarters: Information is gathered via both primary and secondary research and refined in the form of data, which is further synthesised so as to come up with accurate projections/ roadmaps/ long term business strategy.
Primary sources include both face to face and telephonic interviews with Telecom industry experts and consumers. It also includes various surveys that are conducted in different regions of the world. Secondary sources include online search engines. These sources include company websites and reports, books, trade journals, magazines, white papers, industry portals and various government sources.
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ResearchICA Group.