5G Vendor Selection & Portfolios 2018 to 2025

5G Vendor Selection & Portfolios 2018 to 2025

NextGen Transformation, Opportunity, & Strategy Series - MicroS

Publish Date: 2Q 2018 | Code: 3773 | Format: PDF

The Research provides critical analysis of the key 5G vendors, their 5G offerings, and future strategies.

5G Vendor Selection & Portfolios


The Report provides in-depth analysis of all the important operator-vendor 5G trials. The results of those trials are represented to get clear idea of gradual developments of 5G. Different use cases of the trials are analysed with all the technologies and devices being used for the trials. The report also charts various third parties supporting the development of 5G ecosystem. Growth opportunities with recommendations are also provided for 5G enablers.


Questions Answered by the Research

Who are leading 5G vendors?
Which vendor has conducted most of the 5G trials?
What are the key devices used for 5G trials?
Which are the use-cases being tested for 5G trials?
What are different third party solution providers?
What is the ranking of different 5G vendors?
Which vendor has got the most reliable 5G solution?
What is the size of market opportunity for 5G vendors and third party solution providers?


Companies Mentioned in the Research

Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Nokia, Ericsson,  Samsung, Huawei, ZTE


Table of Contents

ToC5G Vendor Selection & Portfolios
1World 5G Trials & Commercial Plotting
1.1North America
1.2Latin America
1.3Asia Pacifc
1.4Middle East & Africa
1.6Expected 2019 – 2020
1.7Expected 2020 – 2022
25G Key Vendor Case Studies
2.1Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE)
2.1.2Product Portfolio
2.1.3Strategic Initiatives
2.1.2Product Portfolio
2.1.3Strategic Initiatives
2.3.2Product Portfolio
2.3.3Strategic Initiatives
2.4.2Product Portfolio
2.4.3Strategic Initiatives
2.5.2Product Portfolio
2.5.3Strategic Initiatives
2.6.2Product Portfolio
2.6.3Strategic Initiatives
3Specialised or Fragmented Offerings
3.1Key Independent Asset, & Connectivity Service Providers, Worldwide
3.2Fronthaul/ Backhaul Solution Providers [e.g. from IP-based to circuit-switch].
3.35G Modern Antenna Solution Providers (e.g. Dual Connectivity)
3.4RAN Modernisation
3.5Most Energy-friendly Solutions.
3.6Green RAN
3.7Commercial 5G NR Implementation
3.8Cloud RAN Planning and Data Center Deployment
3.9Key Independent NFV Solution Providers.
3.10NFV Oferings
3.11World NFV Analysis 2018 to 2025.
3.12Modern Chipset Providers
3.13PON Convergence & Cloudification/ Core Experts.
3.14MIMO & Beam-Forming Support Providers
3.15SDN-specific Experts, Worldwide. (Independent s/w vendors, multi-service slicing,
3.16Building a Cost E?ective & Flexible 5G Network.
3.175G-intense Edge Computing — Independent specialists (multi-service integrations,
3.18Multi-carrier Filtering & Enabling Experts (uplink/ultra density, mass connectivity.
3.19Millisecond Latency Experts
3.20SON & Automation
3.21Network Performance & Optimisation (e.g. V2V Coms, dual mobility, etc.)
4Key 3rd Party/ Partner-Service Enablement Providers, Worldwide.
4.13rd—Party Partnerships
4.2Brokerage/ Service Auction Models
4.3Bringing Buyers & Sellers together through Auctions to enjoy Network Services.
4.4Key 5G API Enablers & DSVs.
4.5Analysis — Top Operator Application Provider Collaborations
4.6Key Future Applications in Development (3Q, 2018).
4.7Key 5G Accelerator Programs [w/ Outcome Analysis, 3Q 2018].
4.8Billing Solution Providers, Worldwide.
4.94K Video Delivery Experts
4.10Top-10 Robotics Corporations
4.11AI Experts
4.12VR/ AR Experts.
4.13Top (Big) Data Analytics “Options”.
4.14IoT Experts (pm. connection management, energy e?ciency, etc.)
4.15IoT Market Forecast: Shipping—vis-a-vis—Sales—vis-a-vis—Revenues, 2018 -25.
4.16IoT Segmentation: Device, Personal, & Commercial use w/ growth forecast 2018 -25.
4.17Memory & Storage Solutions (storage-as-service, unified control/ data planes, etc.).
4.18Mission Critical Applications (enterprise cloud, etc.).
4.195G Testing
4.20Non-Telco Challengers To Watch Out For.
4.22Interpretations — Terra Graph small cell Trial
4.23Interpretations — Aries Massive MIMO Trial
4.24Municipal corporations
4.25Industries (automative companies, large industrial houses)
4.26CoOpitition Analysis (29) — Challengers Vs. CSPs
4.27Recommendations for Mobile Operators.
4.285G Vendor Growth Forecasts, & Recommendations 2018 to 2025. [+support included]

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