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Research Reports contribute 70% to our revenues. And we take this very seriously, and put our heart, mind, & soul into every report we produce each year. 1 on average.

  • 6 years of solution experience
  • Stupendous network of business intelligence professionals & experts.
  • Market, Global.
  • Fast Research
  • Reliable, 100% no restriction "post-sale" support.
  • Self interest drives us do better & better. We are never satisfied.
The focus is always on helping top executives take winning decisions. 
Growth of our clients is visible. 95% of our clients like us for our fast solutions & find us very considerate and agile in support. Almost every realtionship we have lasts on average for a year, we have solved 92 cases of problems so far that sum up to total more than 1 billion dollars worth in savings.
  1. Market Research Reports
    A lot of preliminary work goes into deciding over the subject of any report we pick each year. The idea behind is simple, choose what can change the condition of mobile operators & related service providers for good. It's a full time commitment thereafter. We'd encourage our reports be read as each one of them is really different & special in many ways. These are all "1-in-year" reports, first if all. Second, carry a lot of weight, information, intelligence, special ideas, help, recommendations. Always a guide like research, comes with unlimited support for every report. This feature especially is very helpful as you can clear your doubts, seek fresh advice, discuss the right way of things. Also we have a special team prepared and ready knowing they are going to be busy, very busy who are good at their job.
  2. Feasibility & Forecasting
    Fast feasibility studies, on-demand forecasting, industry analysis market-sizing, are few examples illustrating the core areas of our work expertise & interest. Use the contact form to reach out to us for free advice, now!
  3. Statistry
    Statistry is the statistical division of ResearchICA. All the interesting statistics, mind blowing forecasts, & creative number crunching comes from it. There are over 8-10 dedicated Statisticians who at the macro level, not only help take calculated decisions for our clients, but also keep constant watch over latest trends & emerging opportunities.
  4. Mobile Operator Scoreboard
    Mobile Operator Scoreboard a.k.a. MNO Scoreboard is an excellent product comprising MNO business KPIs (key performance indicators). Essential for mobile industry top executives in day-to-day decision-making, competitive strategy building, & general use. A full 1-year complimentary support crucially helps executives raise doubts, seek clarifications, take well mapped, & "winning" decisions via help from multiple no. of experts who sit at the backend for providing seamless support 247.
  5. Directories: Mobile Operators & More.
    TeleResearch Labs, the mobile & wireless research wing of ResearchICA publishes multiple Mobile Operator directories (including MNOs, MVNOS, 4G/ BWA Players, & like). Directories come with invaluable amount of information, exclusive management contacts, business information, & much more to help companies -especially those looking to do business with MNOs/ MVNOs/4G players. Updated quarterly, there's a string base of over 2000+ clients who regularly subscribe to Directories. All directories are available with 1-year FREE post-sale support.
  6. Custom Research & Business Consulting
    ResearchICA will take up custom research projects based on mobile business research, citizenry reform/ policy-making, mass development. Analytical, Market Feasibility, Idea Attestations, Investments, Next-Gen Technology, Value Added Services, Competitive Intelligence are a few examples illustrating over 150 successful projects, taken up by us so far.

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"You can use this medium to ask us quick questions, price quotes, about custom research, or anything related to research & maths, statistics, strategy or corporate planning in mobile, civil, & mass reforms. It'd be our endeavour to serve you well with the most unbiased & genuine feedback there can be". - Director of Research, A. Bard.